• KIDS Yoga Series: Fall 2019
    with Juliana DiLeonardo, Kim E

    It's not easy being a kid today! They are faced with distractions,
    temptations, overstimulation, peer pressure and even academic overwhelm. Our KIDS Yoga program teaches the tools children need to overcome these obstacles through healthy movement, breathing and meditation.

    The take-away? Improved body awareness, positive self image, confidence, less stress and anxiety, and increased focus and concentration.

    At Family Tree Yoga & Wellness, children find a sense of belonging in a healthy, non-competitive group. They build strength, flexibility and coordination for themselves while learning to be supportive and compassionate to others ... instead of plugging in and tuning out.

    KIDS Yoga is for children entering K - 4th grade in September 2019.

    $120 for 10 weeks  |  no make-up classes

    $15 for a drop-in, space permitting

  • Crystals!
    with Regina M

    Crystals are more than just beautiful specimens of the Earth. Build consciousness of the energy and vibrational frequency that lies within these semi-precious stones. In this workshop, learn how to identify a crystal’s properties and uses, cleanse and charge them, use them for intention setting, and how crystals can be used for overall wellness. The workshop ends with an intention-setting meditation.

    No prior knowledge or ownership of crystals needed!

    $30 in advance  |  $35 at the door, space permitting

  • Friday the 13th Full Moon Goddess Healing Circle
    with Tina Marie B

    Tina Marie takes you on a journey to connect with your angels and guides in order to UNCOVER and REVEAL the Goddess that lies DEEP within you!

    This energy of the Goddess is the real, true, and authentic you. She is your confidence, your radiance, your power, your strength, your peace, your joy, your compassion and your deepest Love. 

    She is waiting to be unraveled, discovered, and brought forth!  The Goddesses and Angels are more present than ever to bring in the energy of the Divine Feminine to our planet to help us awaken to the energy of our soul and step into our power like never before!

    Each class/circle is unique and offers an opportunity to open up, release, surrender, shift, transform and awaken to who you truly are!

    In this ongoing healing circle we will:

    • open our hearts to wholeness, and nurture and accept who we are and right where we are
    • learn about specific goddesses and angels and receive their messages
    • release, shed, let go of toxic energy and people and forgive... 
    • remember who we are and why we incarnated at this particular time 
    • be supported by a group of soul sisters.

    Tina will channel not only the Goddesses and Angels but healing, inspiring meditations, and enlightening topics to share. Everyone will have the opportunity to ask questions, and receive support and guidance in a sacred space.

    Early registration $30  |  $35 day of, space permitting

    This workshop is limited to 34 attendees and we SELL OUT! Tickets at the door are not guaranteed.

  • New Year's DETOX Gentle Yoga with Essential Oils
    with Kate T


    Too much food? Booze? Family? Got a celebration hangover?

    Begin the New Year with a gentle yoga flow to recover from the season of overeating, drinking and celebrating. Our New Year's Day DETOX workshop incorporates gentle postures, breathwork and essential oils in the Karma room, heated to a delicious 80 degrees. Experience a whole body detox to release physical, mental and emotional weight. Leave feeling ready to take on 2020!

  • Sound + Energy Healing with the Angelic Realm
    with Tina & Billy

    Through magical sound crystal pyramids, guided Angel meditations and energy healing you will unlock the magic, the love, and the gifts that reside deep in the heart.

    In this special meditative healing workshop, Tina and Billy will channel the Archangels and Ascended Masters. They will use tuning forks, sound, and hand healing to help you connect with your Angels and Guides to receive their messages, guidance, and direction. This high vibrational healing will assist you in aligning with your Soul and remembering who truly you are and why you are here.

    You will have the opportunity to ask questions, and there will be random mini audience readings. Join this powerful Angelic Healing Circle.

    $40 early registration  |  $45 at the door, space permitting

  • An Evening with Joy Iemmiti, Psychic Medium

    Joy Iemmiti has done psychic readings for the rich and famous, as well as everyday people. She is unbelievably accurate, leaving her clients in total awe of her abilities.

    Joy Iemmiti uses her abilities in tarot reading, clairvoyance, numerology and astrology. A regular guest on talk radio, Joy has also been featured on both cable and local TV shows and in national and regional publications. She is also the author of How Did You Know That? The Story of a World Renowned Psychic.

    This event is limited to 17 private 15-minute readings. Visit the studio before January 10, 2020 to schedule your reading time.

    $45 cash to reserve your reading appointment. Sorry, we are not accepting credit card payments for this event.